Alec Baldwin's Accused Stalker Cries and Says 'We Made Love'

Genevieve Sabourin says she went out with Baldwin in early 2011.

Nov. 13, 2013— -- Alec Baldwin's alleged stalker cried today as she told a Manhattan court that she fell in love with the "30 Rock" star "very fast," but in a jab at the actor added that he was a "professional charmer."

Genevieve Sabourin, 41, is on trial for allegedly harassing and stalking Baldwin, 55, and today she admitted that she sent "sent a lot of email to Alec" and that she went to Baldwin's home on Long Island, to a Lincoln Center event where he was featured and to his New York City apartment.

But Sabourin insisted she "never intended to harass or annoy."

At one point, Sabourin started sobbing and asked for tissues.

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"I was in love with Mr. Baldwin very fast," she said. "He reached my heart in a very deep sense."

She said the actor also "made it clear" that he loved her too. "Am I naïve or stupid I don't know, but I believed him," she said.

Baldwin has insisted they met only for professional reasons and denied ever being intimate with Sabourin.

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It was the second time Sabourin cried today. When court began, Sabourin continued the outbursts that exasperated Judge Robert Mandelbaum during Tuesday's testimony. When Sabourin shouted out in the morning, he ordered her held in contempt and sentenced her to 30 days in jail.

The judge's ordered triggered tears from Sabourin, and when court resumed after a lunch break she was brought into the courtroom with her wrists in shackles.

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Much of the day's testimony involved Sabourin detailing what she insisted was Baldwin's courting of her. She said Baldwin pursued her in a lengthy phone courtship.

"He called me everyday and it became more and more personal," she claimed. "He would call me later and later and the conversation would go longer and longer."

Throughout her testimony, Sabourin would ramble, prompting the Judge Mandelbaum to ask her to stick to the questions that were asked.

At one point, she fired back at the judge, "Don't you want to know the truth?"

"I want you to answer the question," the judge replied.

Sabourin started to instruct her lawyer, "Ask me...", but Mandelbaum cut her off saying, "Don't tell your lawyer what to ask you."

She claimed that she and Baldwin had a date just after Valentine's Day in 2011, which allegedly included a ride through Central Park, a play and dinner at Elio's, a fancy Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side.

She told the court that Baldwin promised "to make sure you have the night of your life."

Sabourin said her and Baldwin took a cab to the Lowell Hotel, where she was staying.

She told the court that they went to her room and that, "He kissed me. The way he kissed me confirmed we were very compatible."

After making love, she said that "we cuddled" the next morning and that Baldwin "made me all kinds of promises," including a unique promise to make her omelets everyday - her favorite food.

She said her attempts to reach Baldwin were meant to get "closure."

"He's never giving me my chance to speak to him," she said. "I don't want to create drama."

"On an emotional level he made sure he had the fish on the hook," Sabourin said.

At another point, she said, "This guy he knows what to say. He's a professional charmer."

When trial ended for the day, the judge allowed Sabourin to make arrangements for her Yorkie before she was taken into custody for the contempt charge.

Baldwin told the court on Tuesday he felt terrorized by the defendant. Baldwin said Sabourin's behavior and threatening emails also terrified his wife Hilaria after their 2012 wedding. He compared Sabourin's behavior to something "out of a Hitchcock movie."

Earlier today, Baldwin's doorman David Paduani took the stand to say he was on duty Easter Sunday 2012 when Sabourin showed up at the apartment building.

"She came in the building. And said she would visit Mr. Baldwin," Paduani said. "I said 'Is he expecting you?' She said 'Yes.'

When the doorman called upstairs, he said Hilaria Baldwin said, "That's the lady [that] was stalking her and Mr. Baldwin."

He stalled her as police were called, during which time the doorman said Sabourin "was real mad."

"She started to say she (Hilaria Baldwin) was a bitch and a prostitute."

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