How Alyson Hannigan Would Have Improved 'How I Met Your Mother' Finale

There's one "gut-wrenching" scene she would have kept.

May 1, 2014 — -- Alyson Hannigan has no reservations about sharing what she would have done differently if the "How I Met Your Mother" finale had been under her control.

The final episode took place more than a month ago and people are still talking about it -- some hating how it ended with "the mother" dying and Ted ending back up with Robin.

"I just wished they could have aired everything," Hannigan, 40, told TMZ. "There was a funeral scene that was pretty gut-wrenching."

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Hannigan, who played Lily on the show, said the finale was 18 minutes too long, so cuts had to happen.

"I just feel like the end went by too quickly," she added. "There were scenes with Robin and Ted that would have helped it not feel so sudden."

Hannigan also had a cute theory for why fans were angry with the ending.

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"This is probably just to make me feel better about how upset everybody was, [but] it's like when a good relationship ends and you'd rather be pissed off at the person," she said of upset fans. "It makes it easier to break up."