'American Idol' Ends Tonight With Its 15th and Final Season

La'Porsha Renae or Trent Harmon will be crowned the winner in the series finale.

Tonight's two-hour finale will feature a parade of winners, past contestants and judges, all coming together to bid goodbye to a TV show that changed the pop culture landscape -- and the music business -- forever.

As judge Harry Connick Jr. put it, "It's designed as a search for a musical pop superstar, and that's exactly what it's done."

"It’s supplied the pop music world with gigantic stars," he told ABC News. "I think the statistics with regards to record sales and awards are just mind-boggling."

Reigning champ Nick Fradiani, who'll give up his crown to either La'Porsha Renae or Trent Harmon tonight, agrees.

"It’s amazing to me to think that a show has been that successful for 15 years.... I mean, it’s just unheard of," he told ABC News. "'Idol' changed music and pop culture forever.... I mean, to think of the amount of awards these artists have won ... 'Idol'’s been the only show that has figured out how to propel artists into fame and into real success."

But "Idol"'s ability to create stars isn't the only thing that made the show special.

"It just felt like a very community-based show.... I think this one certainly will leave that legacy behind," added Daughtry, who said he's "eternally grateful" for what "Idol" has done for him. "I think that’s a big, big thing that that accomplished: bringing people together."

So dim the lights, Kieran ... it's time for one more "Moment Like This."