Amy Poehler Marvels at Her Walk of Fame Star

The actress reveals who's most excited for today's big ceremony.

The star of the upcoming comedy "Sisters" told ABC News that her two young sons can't wait to see their mom's name immortalized on the sidewalk.

"They think it's very funny idea," she said. "I said you can step on my name, they thought that was very funny. So I'm very honored, and looking forward to it."

"You go, 'I'm ready for a star, man!'" Poehler said. "And you get in his van, and he takes you to a place, you get a star, and if he likes doing the star with you, then you get it! At least that's how it worked with me."

More seriously, however, Poehler said that she couldn't wait for the ceremony, which she called, "very exciting."

"My parents are here," she added. "My first thought was I can't wait to tell my parents. It felt like a real very Hollywood thing that I would have never thought would kind of come my way and it's very cool."