Anna Kendrick's Mom, a Real Accountant, Helped Her Prep for 'Accountant' Role

"I was like, ‘You have to explain all of this to me,'" Kendrick said on "GMA."

In order to prep for the role, Kendrick, who plays Dana, a whip-smart accounting clerk, got some inside tips from her mother in order to sound more believable on screen.

“My mom is an accountant and I sent her the script which is kinda frowned up upon,” the actress said on “Good Morning America” today. “But I sent her the script because I was like, ‘You have to explain all of this to me.’ She’s a math whiz and she’s been working as an accountant for her whole life. So she was explaining all the financial aspects of it because it’s kind of a puzzle.

“You don’t have to be a math whiz to follow the movie but since I was saying the lines I figured I should kind of know what they mean,” Kendrick joked. “And the second I was done I was like, ‘That’s gone forever. Farewell.’”

It’s safe to say Kendrick’s mom will be among the first in line at the box office.

“She was also excited because there’s all these jokes about how accountants are boring, ad so she was like, ‘This is a sexy accountant movie. There’s intrigue and fights, and it’s very exciting,’” said Kendrick.