Anne Hathaway Clarifies Claim That Robert De Niro Loves 'The Bachelor'

The actress says she misread De Niro's sarcasm in an email.

— -- Anne Hathaway made headlines when she outed Robert De Niro, her co-star in “The Intern,” as a fan of “The Bachelor." But now the actress says she “did something bad.”

“He doesn’t" actually like the show, Hathaway said today on “Good Morning America.

Hathaway, 32, told Refinery29 earlier this month that De Niro, 72, “loves ‘The Bachelor,’” and that he was excited to know that ads for “The Intern” were running during the show’s spinoff, “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Hathaway told Refinery29 that De Niro emailed “You bet your a** I’m a big ‘Bachelor’ fan" to Nancy Meyers, the director of "The Intern." Hathaway even pulled out her phone to prove the point.

The only problem, according to Hathaway, is that she missed the whole joke of the email.

“He was being sarcastic and I don’t understand sarcasm in email form and I told the world that he liked ‘The Bachelor,’” Hathaway said on “GMA.” “That was such a bad thing to do.”

According to Hathaway though, she and De Niro actually hit it off while filming the movie. De Niro plays an intern at Hathaway's company in the movie.

“He’s a quiet guy, you know, he’s not a million jokes a minute but he cares about what he does so much,” she said of De Niro. “He has such respect for everyone on the crew and he takes so seriously what he does, even if it’s a comedy, and I just loved being around him.”

“We wound up really getting along,” she said. “By the end of it we were very close, very fond of each other.”

"The Intern" is in theaters this Friday.