Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Go Back Into Politics?

The actor revealed he's fed up with the government's fighting.

March 27, 2014 — -- Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the Terminator, but he was also the Governor of California until a few years ago. Once again, he has a strong message for those running the country's government.

The actor stopped by "LIVE with Kelly and Michael," today to promote his new movie "Sabotage," and revealed his concerns for how the government is currently being ran.

"The American people are fed up with nothing getting done. I think that Washington –those legislators—have approval rating of 9 percent, and that's lower than lawyers or anything else," he added. "[People] want action, they want them to sit down, they want to solve problems, because we have a lot of problems, otherwise we as a country cannot be competitive."

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Does he miss politics and calling the shots?

"Yeah, absolutely. There's a lot of times that decisions are made where I wish I'm still there and can be part of the decision making," he said. "Or for instance, right now, I wish I would be in Washington sometimes because nothing is getting done, right? I mean, what are we doing? We are paying these politicians -- $2.8 billion, it's costing us to run this capitol—and all they're doing is fighting."

He said both Republicans and Democrats are too busy shooting down ideas.

"This is a Democratic idea, that's no good,' or 'this is a Republican idea, we don't want to do that.' Hello, guys, we have two parties, that's the way it is," he said. "So, let's sit down and work together on immigration reform and infrastructure and all those things, right?"

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The former bodybuilder, 66, added that he's not sure who he'll back in 2016 for president.

"I think it's too early for that. I think we have to wait," he said. "What's happening this year, in 2014, it's the midterm election, so it could very well be that the Senate will go to the Republicans and the House will go to the Republicans, and I don't know what that means in 2016. It could backfire, if they don't, then produce some really great work in these next two years. It's too early to tell."

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