Avril Lavigne Reveals She Has Lyme Disease

The rocker opened up to People magazine about her health struggle.

"I had no idea a bug bite could do this," Lavigne told People magazine exclusively, adding she believes she was bit by a tick last spring. "I was bedridden for five months."

The 30-year-old musician told People she began feeling ill last April but doctors told her she was likely dehydrated and exhausted from touring. With her symptoms worsening over a span of months, Lavigne says she knew it was something more.

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"I had to fight,” Lavigne told the magazine. "I had doctors tell me I was crazy and they didn’t want to test me. I had to learn about it completely on my own.”

“She has rarely left her home,” said People staff writer Patrick Gomez. “She says she has been unable to breathe. It is hard to stand and she is barely able to brush her teeth.”

“I’m not feeling well,” Lavigne wrote in a Dec. 7th direct message to a fan that went viral. “I’m having some health issues so please keep me in your prayers.”

“I’ve never been more clear about what I want in my life: health, family, love and happiness,” Lavigne said, adding she is “grateful” for “the worst thing” she’s had to face so far.