'Bachelor' Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell Talk Starting a Family

How many kids do the engaged couple want?

March 15, 2016, 11:15 AM

— -- It's official! Ben Higgins proposed to the love of his life Lauren Bushnell on the finale of "The Bachelor" last night. Today, the couple were in New York, speaking to "Good Morning America" about the "normal life" they can't wait to start together.

After the show, Higgins, 27, and Bushnell, 25, spoke to ABC News via a Facebook chat and answered some of your burning questions.

Here's what they had to say:

What was your favorite date on the show?

Lauren: I loved going to Baker's Youth Club. Loved going and hanging out with kids. 'Cause it just felt so normal in a situation that's so abnormal.

Ben: We are actually going back to Baker's Youth Club, to revisit it and go to a fundraiser there. To bring our whole dating story back together.

Lauren, why did you decide to move to Denver?

Lauren: I moved to Los Angeles, just wanting something new. It was never anything permanent in my mind. The minute it came up and Ben owning a home there, just kind of wanting like a fresh start! And I was ready.

Will you have a private wedding or tie the knot on ABC?

Ben: That is a good question, one that we haven't discussed fully yet. We want a wedding fairly quickly. But we also want to try and take things as normal as possible for now. We are open to anything I think.

Will you invite guests from "The Bachelor"?

Ben: Definitely. I know from our season, she has some great friends from the show and I have some great friends from the season with Kaitlyn. Some of the past contestants have been big role models in my life like Sean Lowe and Chris Soules. Chris and Des, we'd definitely love to invite them.

Where you nervous calling Lauren's dad before you proposed?

Ben: Yes, I was nervous. It's a crazy day. In life, when you propose to somebody, no matter if you've known them for four years or four months, you are going to be a little nervous. I wanted to try and make this thing as normal as possible, in one of the oddest situations, but a really good situation. And if this was outside of "Bachelor" world, I would have called her dad and asked her dad.

Do you have any advice for JoJo now that she's the next "Bachelorette"?

Ben: I have a lot of things I would tell whoever does this next. One of those is to be open to really any opportunity that presents itself during the show right. Situations are going to come up that you don't know how to react and sometimes there's not a right or wrong answer and you just kind of have to go off your gut.

I would also tell JoJo it can work. I think that's something that's exciting and makes it worth it, but it's not always easy.

Are you looking forward to starting a family and how many children do you both want?

Ben: We laughed about this the other day. I think, what did we say, three kids?

Lauren: I really want three, yeah. So, you agreed right?

Ben: I did agree, just to be safe.

Lauren: I don't know when soon is. But obviously we want to get married and also kind of live life. We really enjoy each other.

Ben: Lauren really wanted a dog.

Lauren: I feel like that's a good starting point. So, we'll start with a dog!

Lauren, did you watch past seasons and have a crush on Ben before you met him?

Lauren: I had watched bits and pieces of past seasons and I actually interviewed right around the time Kaitlyn's season was starting. So, I watched start to finish, thinking the next "Bachelor" would be someone from her season and from the get-go, biggest crush on Ben. I have pictures on my phone on the screen back in June. I had this big crush on him, but never in a million years did I think I would meet him.

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