'The Bachelor' Ben Higgins Reacts to Olivia's Comments About Him During the Show

PHOTO: Ben Higgins on "Bachelor Live," Jan. 4, 2016. PlayTodd Wawrychuck/ABC via Getty Images
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In "The Bachelor," Olivia has been gushing over the subtle messages she felt Ben Higgins was giving her on group dates.

Higgins, who called the one-time front-runner "intense," told Ellen DeGeneres that seeing her confessionals has made him view her in a new light.

It's also helped him better understand her actions, and those of her housemates, during taping.

"It makes more sense on why some situations existed," he said of watching the show, "or why Olivia, for example, was more upset at times than I understood."

On last night's episode, Olivia jumped out of a cake in an effort to dazzle Higgins during a talent show. (She failed.) However, she still earned a kiss from "The Bachelor" star eventually, as did several other woman.

Kissing all of them, he told DeGeneres, has been disorienting.

"It does kind of mess with your mind a little bit," he admitted. "It makes you feel really weird. It's not something I want to get used to."