'Bachelor' contestant Corinne Olympios 'blindsided' by Nick Viall's rejection

"I definitely was surprised I got sent home," Olympios said on "GMA."

ByABC News
February 28, 2017, 8:52 AM

— -- "Bachelor" standout contestant Corinne Olympios is speaking out after getting the boot on last night's episode.

Just last week, the 24-year-old Florida native brought "Bachelor" Nick Viall home to meet her family, including her nanny Raquel.

"I definitely was surprised I got sent home," Olympios said today on "Good Morning America." "We just had such an amazing hometown date and things went rally well with my family. I just thought we had a lot of fun, we talked about a lot of emotional things--just super blindsided by going home."

Olympios had previously told Viall that she loved him--something she said she doesn't regret even though she was sent home.

"I was fully myself and I would've been really upset if I didn't tell him how I felt," she said. "I would've regretted that so I'm glad I said what I said."

On the show, viewers saw Olympios as being over-the-top, outgoing and confident. She admitted that she has a "very big personality" and what you see on camera is all her.

"There was a lot of really intense and emotional conversations that weren't shown," Olympios said. "I mean, it wasn't all so sexy and flirty all the time but yea, that's me."

As for being painted as a villain, Olympios didn't think that was fair, she said.

"A villain to me does things viciously to other people," she said. "I never did anything vicious to anybody. I was just doing me."

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