'Bachelor' Contestant Jubilee Sharpe Reflects on 'Women Tell All'

PHOTO: Jubilee, 24, war veteran, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.PlayCraig Sjodin/ABC
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By her own admission, Jubilee Sharpe was one of the more controversial women on "The Bachelor" this season.

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So, it was no surprise that during "The Bachelor: Women Tell All," her interactions with her castmates were among the most dramatic.

At one point, two women, Jami Letain and Amber James, took her to task for making comments during filming that they deemed racially insensitive, saying it was "uncalled for" to deem herself "the full black woman" on the show.

"I am obviously misunderstood. I say things and it's not in a spiteful, mean manner, but sometimes what I say is taken the wrong way and people do get offended by it," she explained, adding that she did not think her statements were hurtful. “Obviously I saw Jami and Amber were offended by [my comments] and I did my best to smooth it out and I apologized because I never want to purposely offend anybody."

After their dust-up, Letain and James forgave Sharpe.

Sharpe, who told Chris Harrison on "Women Tell All" that she just made sergeant in the military, went into the ABC reality series expecting to be much more quiet and guarded than she was. Having been adopted from Haiti after her family died, the war veteran said that it was difficult for her to open up about her past to 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins and the show's millions of viewers.

"I never planned on telling Ben my whole story. So we were at dinner and he told me he needs his future wife to be open and honest and in those five split seconds I had to decide whether to tell Ben my story. And in that moment I decided he was worth it," she recalled. "It was really hard to get through but after I told it, it became easier. It's about repetition. And each time I tell my story it just becomes easier to tell and I think I needed that.

It also inspired others. Sharpe said that now, she hears from fans who say they identify with her -- a big compliment for someone who has never seen herself as relatable.

"When I did this whole process everyone was like, 'I relate to you so much! I am Jubilee,'" she said. "I was shocked at how many Jubilees out there there were. So it was so nice to see. I love getting it back."