'The Bachelor': Corinne and Brittany Do Anything for Nick Viall's Attention on Bridal-Themed Date

The two women go head-to-head on a bridal-themed group date.

— -- Some of the women competing for Nick Viall's love and affection on tonight's episode of "The Bachelor" are already hearing wedding bells.

In an exclusive preview of tonight's episode, a group of contestants go on a bridal-themed group date where they're each tasked with dressing up for a photo shoot.

While many of the "brides" wear full-length wedding gowns -- one contestant even sports a faux baby bump for the occasion -- Corinne opts to stand out in a white string bikini and veil.

"Honestly the other girls are super covered up, but I'm in a bikini so I'm looking very sexy," Corrine says in the video, looking confident. "I am definitely the hottest bride."

She even gets compliments from the other contestants when they see her. One says, "Nick is gonna love it."

Corinne is clearly feeling like the ultimate bride. That is until another contestant, Brittany, shows up to the photo shoot wearing nothing but bikini bottoms (with green leaves taped to them) and her long brown hair covering her bare chest.

"Brittany is half-naked and that's freaking me out," Corinne, the 24-year-old online business owner, says in the video. "I feel like she looks so cute in the topless outfit. She better not steal my thunder or I will lose my s---."

We'll have to wait to see exactly what Corinne does to Brittany, the 26-year-old travel nurse, when ABC's "The Bachelor" returns tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Only 22 women remain.