'The Bachelor': Corinne's caper backfires, Raven gets a rose

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February 14, 2017, 9:40 AM

— -- On Monday night’s new episode of "The Bachelor," Nick Viall managed to bounce back after a dismal week in St. Thomas, canceling both the scheduled cocktail party and the rose ceremony, to set out for Bimini with the remaining six women.

Vanessa scored the first one-on-one date, taking a yacht to the site of a shipwreck to do some snorkeling and underwater kissing with Nick. Emboldened by how well the day had gone, she decided to confess her love for Nick at dinner, but was disappointed by his hesitancy to do the same.

Having never had a one-on-one date with Nick, Corinne was incensed when she was sent on another group outing, this time with Kristina and Raven. Things only got worse for Corinne, as Kristina seemed to steal the spotlight as Nick rubbed lotion on her and comforted her when she got scared as the group swam with sharks.

Corinne grew even more insecure as Nick awarded the only rose of the week to Raven, and then took her to dance on the beach.

Nick reunited with Danielle for the second one-on-one, but the fun of riding bikes and playing basketball with some local kids was tempered by the pair’s inability to make conversation. Setting his sights on next week’s hometown dates, Nick decided he didn’t see a future with Danielle and sent the nurse back to Nashville.

More desperate than ever, Corinne decided to pull out all the stops to try to cement her future with Nick. She surprised the Bachelor by going to his hotel room, intent on seducing him.

When Nick stopped her in her tracks, however, Corinne was left feeling like she’d failed and that her future was growing increasingly uncertain.

Nick’s final one-on-one before the hometown dates start was a carefree visit to a local bar with Rachel.

Though he’d seemed to have a strong connection with Kristina earlier, Nick ultimately decided to send her home during a private conversation. When he arrived at the house to talk to Kristina, the other girls were perplexed and uncertain exactly what was happening.

Find out what happens now, as the remaining four girls prepare for hometown dates, next week on "The Bachelor" on ABC.

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