'Bachelor in Paradise': Caila Is Getting Fed Up With Ashley

"She needs to step back," she said.

Ashley refused to back down after Jared and Caila received a date card from special guests Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, who married after meeting on the show. Ashley was in such disbelief that Jared and Caila got the card that she prayed to God that their romance falls apart.

If they were to go to the fantasy suite, "I think I'd die," Ashley dramatically said later on.

During their date, Jared acknowledged to Caila that Ashley has been an obstacle for the both of them, but he reiterated how much he wants to be with Caila.

But after the date, Ashley tried to interfere yet again. She floated to Jared the possibility that he's into Caila more than Caila is into him. He relayed Ashley's comments to Caila, who rejected the idea.

"I want this to keep going, and she needs to step back," Caila told him.

Caila decided to confront Ashley and tell her just that. In doing so, she used the word "we" to describe her relationship with Jared, which agitated Ashley.

"If you were honestly here to meet someone else, you should focus on that," Caila advised her.

When Ashley said she has yet to develop an interest in another man, Caila shot back, "So you're going to sabotage everyone else?"

Caila wondered for the cameras whether her relationship with Jared is worth continuing if Ashley is going to keep getting involved. Stay tuned.

The episode began with a breakup. Vinny Ventiera had a tear-filled chat with Isabel “Izzy” Goodkind, who'd questioned their romance because she thinks Brett Melnick is good-looking.

"I have chosen to remove myself from here," Vinny declared, before leaving Izzy, Mexico and paradise.

A couple of other relationship issues popped up Tuesday night. There was some uneasiness between Grant Kemp and Lace Morris, who didn't feel ready to return his "I love you" from the previous night's episode. He believed she is pushing him away.

In addition, Jen Saviano, seeking progression in her relationship with Nick Viall, tried to get him to let his guard down more.

In a more positive development, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass' courtship is stronger than ever. They went on a date to a temazcal (sweat lodge) to release negative energy. There, Evan expressed how happy he is that she has accepted his "weird" and his "crazy."

"I've fallen more and more for you, and it's surprised me every single second. And I'm excited about that," she responded.

“Bachelor in Paradise” continues next Monday night on ABC.