'Bachelor in Paradise': 4 guys go home, and things heat up between Dean and D.Lo

Find out what happened last night.

— -- The third episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" began with the understanding that Monday night would be the first rose ceremony of the new season. With 12 guys and eight women, four guys were going home.

Meanwhile, Kristina and Dean were having complications; Kristina really likes Dean and Dean likes Kristina ... as long as it suits him. The second he gets a chance to trade up, he will and later does. Most of the episode was focused on the superficial start-up recruiter and how he treats Kristina. Early on he blew her off, but later warmed to her in hopes of getting a rose and staying on the show. We also saw Alex try to weasel himself a rose from a lot of women.

The rose ceremony was interrupted by President Trump’s Afghanistan speech, which set off a tsunami of Twitter outrage. Thirty minutes later, things got back on track, and Chris Harrison appeared to announce that those four men who were not given a rose would be going home.

Taylor picked Derek, though this came as no surprise. Jasmine chose Matt; Raven picked Adam, which hurt Ben, but he got picked by Danielle. Alexis offered her rose to Jack Stone, and Lacey picked Diggy. Kristine naturally picked Dean and the last rose from Amanda went to Robby. Alex, Iggy, Nick and Vinny were sent home, though we only heard from the bitter Alex and frustrated Nick.

Once it seemed like things were going to settle down for Dean and Kristina, Danielle Lombard arrived with a date card to torment the guys and frustrate the women. “D.Lo” zeroed in on Dean and the two went on a date that heated up quickly as the two started kissing. Alexis saw how quickly Dean moved to D.Lo and said what we were all thinking: "Dean's a little [bleep]!"

After the date, Dean went to Kristina to smooth things over and it appeared to work; but later when everyone was roasting marshmallows at the beach bonfire, Dean brought out a cake for D.Lo for her “half birthday” and his attentiveness to her upset Kristina, who went to her room crying and said, “I'm shutting down.”

As the credits rolled, Alexis explained that she was craving pizza, which takes two hours to get at the resort. D.Lo arrived on the beach with two pies and promptly dropped them, upsetting Alexis.

"Bachelor in Paradise" returns Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC.