'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: Ashley Cries and Cries, Clare Goes on a Tantric Yoga Date

Find out who was eliminated at the first rose ceremony.

August 04, 2015, 10:19 AM

— -- The two-part season premiere of "Bachelor in Paradise" continued Monday night with plenty of tears from Ashley Iaconetti.

Ashley I. brought the drama, crying more than once because she was worried that she'll die alone. More to the point, she was concerned that Jared Haibon was slipping from her grasp.

Jared seemed to send mixed signals to Ashley I. At one point, he told her, "I think you're amazing. I hope you know that."

But moments later, he promised a rose to Clare Crawley if she didn't have one by the time it was his turn to present a rose during the rose ceremony.

As it turned out, Clare didn't need Jared's rose. She received one from Mikey Tenerelli, who previously tried to romance Ashley I.'s sister, Lauren. After the late-to-arrive Clare earned a date card, Mikey volunteered to join her; she accepted because everyone else had essentially paired up already. Their date was steamy: They practiced tantric yoga. Mikey enjoyed it, declaring to the cameras, "Everything feels good on Clare. Everything."

While swimming by a waterfall, Mikey tried to kiss her, but Clare did her best to explain she wasn't interested.

Ashley Salter -- back from the hospital -- got a date card, too, inviting Dan Cox for a romantic dinner that involved kissing.

At the first rose ceremony, the men were in charge of handing out the roses. Ashley I. did get a rose from Jared, which not only kept her on the show, but Lauren, too.The final rose was presented by JJ Lane, to Tenley Molzahn. Jillian Anderson was the only woman to not get a rose and, therefore, was sent home.

"Bachelor in Paradise" continues next Sunday night on ABC.

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