'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: Joe Shuns Juelia for Samantha

Plus, one couple ditched the show to spend the night at a hotel.

— -- Joe Bailey's wish has come true on "Bachelor in Paradise."

He stated repeatedly last week that he'd joined the show in hopes of meeting Samantha Steffen, who competed on Chris Soules' season of "The Bachelor." Sure enough, she arrived to Mexico on Sunday night's episode, and immediately took a shine to Joe.

Samantha received a date card and asked out Joe, who was all too willing to ditch his other romantic interest, Juelia Kinney. The new couple headed to a rooftop pool, where they took part in a steamy photo shoot for People magazine.

Following the date, Jared Haibon encouraged Joe to be up front with Juelia, but Joe was more focused on his budding relationship than on having a conversation with Juelia.

Eventually -- after a make-out session with Samantha in a hot tub -- Joe did sit down with Juelia, in the presence of Jade Roper and Dan Cox. Juelia confessed that she felt "played" by Joe. He denied that was the case, though he told her, "We had a great time together ... but Samantha and I had a better connection. True or false?"

Joe's mood changed once Juelia said she felt an obligation to reveal to her friend Samantha what had happened between them. Joe apologized to Juelia, in an apparent effort to keep her quiet.

Samantha walked in on the proceedings, and moments later walked off with Juelia for a private chat. Joe told the cameras, "I don't want to lose [Samantha] over some stupid drama with ... what's her name?"

We'll see more fallout from the love triangle tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Sunday night's episode began with a different sort of drama: host Chris Harrison trying to convince Clare Crawley to give the show a chance after she walked out of the rose ceremony last week. She returned to the ceremony and presented a rose to JJ Lane.

Each female cast member handed out a rose. Three men did not earn a rose and were eliminated as a result: Jonathan Holloway, Mikey Tenerelli and Michael Garofola.

A couple of romances hit a bump in the road. Carly Waddell used a date card to strengthen her bond with Kirk Dewindt, but he warned her that he usually takes a while to warm up to the idea of being in a relationship. But he eventually decided to ignore his fears and go with his heart. At the end of their date, they checked into a hotel together.

Similarly, Dan was worried that he was rushing into things with Ashley Salter.

Samantha wasn't the only contestant from the most recent season of "The Bachelor" to land in paradise Sunday night. Megan Bell initially had trouble finding her way to Harrison and the cast, but once she did she invited JJ on a date.