'Bachelor in Paradise': Samantha Steffen Says She Was Tricked by Joe Bailey

The "Bachelor in Paradise" star wrote she "took the bait."

— -- Last week, "Bachelor in Paradise" star Joe Bailey tricked Juelia Kinney into giving him a rose so that he could stay on the show long enough to ask out Samantha Steffen.

His plan worked -- but Steffen, who made her first appearance on the show last night, claims that she didn't realize what happened before she arrived in Mexico for filming.

"Watching this is heartbreaking," she wrote on Twitter. "#hindsights2020 #BachelorInParadise"

Kinney, a widowed single mother, thought that she and Bailey made a connection in last week's episode. However, after Steffen's arrival, he ignored her completely and then lied when asked if he and Steffen had met previously.

"I saw Joe w Kait,He text me I took the bait," she tweeted. "His goal to make me a mate. I saw #BIP episode 2 too late."

The second half of last night's "Bachelor in Paradise" episode airs tonight on ABC.