On Monday, Chris Soules' journey as the star of "The Bachelor" will begin.

As has been the case in seasons past, there was drama from day one.

In this exclusive clip, Soules gets a "ridiculous" surprise from host Chris Harrison, which causeD an emotional reaction from the 15 women to whom he was already introduced.

"I'm outta here," said one.

Still, the farmer from Iowa, who also appeared in the last season of the "Bachelorette," said that he had a great time on the show.

"I’m extremely happy and excited about the person that, I don’t know, that won if you want to call that," he told reporters last month.

He added that this was an experience he took very seriously.

"I felt very humbled and pretty excited for the opportunity and grateful for the opportunity and, for me, this is a big deal," he said. "For me to be able to meet very incredible women was a big deal for me. And I took a lot of pride in this process because I felt, you know, it’s very important to me to find a wife and that is, you know, probably my biggest goal at this point in my life."

For all the action from his first night on the ABC reality TV show, watch the video above.