'The Bachelor' Preview: Olivia's 'Aggressive' Approach With Ben Higgins Upsets the Women

The 23-year-old news anchor's approach upsets the other women in the house.

In a new preview of tonight's episode, Olivia, the 23-year-old news anchor who scored the highly coveted first impression rose, upsets many of the women in her efforts to get Higgins alone.

The clip shows many of the women sitting around with Higgins, a software salesman originally from Indiana. That's when Olivia pulls him away, upsetting the other ladies present.

One even calls her "very aggressive" as Olivia walks off with Higgins, leading him upstairs inside a hotel. Another contestant calls Olivia's move a "slap in the face."

Olivia says she has no regrets about her move.

"I would love more, more, more, more, more time with [Ben] and I'm going to do whatever. Like I don't want to sit on a couch and sip on my water. I want to talk to Ben," she says in the preview clip. "I think it's just as important to him as it is to me. There's a mutual understanding that we both need time together."

Seventeen women remain in the competition. "The Bachelor" resumes tonight on ABC.