'Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher, Fiance Jordan Rodgers Play the 'Newly Engaged Game'

How well do the love birds know each other? Find out!

— -- This season's villain, Chad Rookstool, may have been sent packing weeks ago, but Monday night's season finale of "The Bachelorette" wasn’t lacking in the drama department.

That's why we decided to keep the drama rolling. Fletcher and Rodgers made one of their first public appearances as a couple on "Good Morning America" today and "GMA" put their relationship to the test with a spin on the Newlywed Game that we’re calling the "Newly Engaged Game."

The Dallas native and her new fiancé were tested on a variety of subjects: Where will their honeymoon take place? Who will cry the most at their wedding? And what's the couple's go-to binge-watch TV show? Watch the love birds answer in the video above.

While there's no solid wedding date set, and the couple admits they still fight over what they want for dinner, there is one thing they certainly agree on: "The Chad."

"Ugh," Fletcher said when asked to describe him in one word. "American Horror Story: My Nightmare," she joked.

"American Horror Story: JoJo's Nightmare,” Rodgers laughed.