'The Bachelorette' Recap: The Men Tell All

Kaitlyn talked death threats and some of the men sought closure.

ByABC News
July 21, 2015, 9:24 AM

— -- The men who failed to win Kaitlyn Bristowe's heart this season on "The Bachelorette" reunited on Monday night for the "Men Tell All" special on ABC.

The season's two finalists, Nick Viall and Shawn B., were absent, ahead of next week's finale.

The most emotional moment of the night came when host Chris Harrison vaguely alluded to the episode in which Kaitlyn and Nick had sex in Ireland. Kaitlyn said she received hostile messages from viewers after it aired, including death threats.

"Spreading hate the way people have been is not OK ... the hardest part for me is that it affects my family," she said.

Harrison read a sample of the malicious tweets sent to Kaitlyn. Afterward, a member of the studio audience yelled out, "We still love you, Kaitlyn!" That led to a standing ovation for the "Bachelorette" star. Later, Kaitlyn addressed the addition of Nick to the cast. Jonathan thought it was unfair to the other men, but Kaitlyn pointed out that Jonathan had voted for Britt Nilsson to remain on the show back when there were two "Bachelorettes."

Jonathan wasn't the only one to raise objections over Nick's presence on The Bachelorette. Tanner said Kaitlyn's "delivery" of the Nick situation was poor.

Joshua, who was eliminated after he complained to Kaitlyn about Nick's arrival, seemingly questioned why Nick had to be involved in the competition after Kaitlyn had told the men earlier in the season that she believed her husband was "in the room."

Kaitlyn had a brief exchange with the man she sent home on last week's episode, Ben H., who asked why she told only Shawn about her night with Nick. She explained, "I tried to compartmentalize each relationship, they're all different." She added that she had been feeling guilty and that during a private moment with Shawn she was compelled to be honest with him.

We heard from several of the other bachelors throughout the special. Ian, who quit after claiming he was tired of the guys' fart jokes and accusing Kaitlyn of being the "Bachelorette" just "to make out with a bunch of dudes on TV," strangely dropped down to one knee in front of the men and apologized for his behavior. He did the same for Kaitlyn once she took the stage, delivering to her a handwritten apology.

JJ admitted that his "brand of humor" didn't go over well with the other contestants, saying, "I regret not being more sensitive." In regards to his relationship with Kaitlyn, he said they lost the momentum they'd gained early in the season. We'll see him on the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise."

JJ's BFF on the show, Clint, was accused of being standoffish by Chris "Cupcake" and others. JJ chimed in that "the villain s*** was tongue-in-cheek."

Ben Z said not receiving a rose in Ireland was a surprise to him. He mentioned that he hasn't found love yet.

Jared spoke fondly of Kaitlyn, and conceded, "It was hard to come home and to know it was never going to be like it was." He joked that he's heard the Cranberries song "Linger" twice a day since leaving the show, referencing the fact that he and Kaitlyn slow-danced to the 1990s hit as the Cranberries performed it for them in Ireland. Jared will also be on "Bachelor in Paradise," premiering August 2.

We even got to see Ryan M., who you may recall was dismissed during the season premiere after he got drunk and touched Kaitlyn inappropriately. He apologized to Kaitlyn and gave her a rose. "The Bachelorette" season wraps up next Monday night, with Kaitlyn making a decision on Nick and Shawn.