'Back to the Future' Had a Reunion for 30th Anniversary

See what the cast had to say three decades later.

"It's amazing after 30 years that it thrives the way it does and continues to grow," Lloyd, 76, told People magazine. "Kids who saw it when it first came out are adults with children now, and it's cycling. It just keeps going on."

Lloyd also spoke about his crazy, yet genius character Doc Brown.

"He was mad about adventure and invention and breaking boundaries, and he had an incredible mind to do this," Lloyd said of his time traveling character.

"Everything just happened so easily with Michael. He has a comic flair, very spontaneous, had wonderful energy. It just all came through. And the chemistry we had between each other — I felt we never had to work for it," he said.

Thompson, 54, also spoke about still being remembered as Marty McFly's mother 30 years later.

"I just feel really blessed that if I'm really going to be known for one thing, on my headstone, that it's this movie, and that it was such a great product," she said.