Barbra Streisand Reveals the Moment James Brolin Fell for Her

The actress talks confidence, relationships and winning her Oscars.

In an interview with W magazine, the actress revealed that she and the actor met on a blind date, and she was characteristically straightforward with him, which he liked.

"I met him at a dinner and expected a bearded mountain-man type, and he had cut off all his hair and was clean-shaven. I asked him, 'Who screwed up your hair?'" she told the magazine. "He later told me that’s when he fell in love with me. My fella likes to hear the truth, which is unusual."

That sensibility translates to her life on screen, too. Streisand, 74, is known for playing strong females in her films, from her Academy Award-winning turn as Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl" to Yentl Mendel in "Yentl," for which she also won an Oscar. ("I thought to myself, 'I’m going to win two Oscars in my lifetime, and I’ll be more conservative next time,'" she told W of her famous sequinned 1969 Oscars look.) Choosing these roles was intentional, she said.

However, she added, she likes to leave work, well, on the set. When asked if she sings in the shower, Streisand responded, simply, "no."

"I don’t sing around the house or anywhere," she said. "I never sing unless it’s for a purpose, like fundraising or making a record."