Which Beauty-Conscious Stars to Watch on Oscars Night

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Not a movie buff but into beauty secrets? You have a big reason to watch the Oscars on Sunday night.

According to Patricia Tortolani, beauty director of Allure magazine, the stars' approach to their hair and makeup has radically changed over the years, so there's no telling what we might see.

"Red-carpet hair has become so much more interesting over the years," she told ABC News. "We used to see the same one-size-fits-all glam waves or the identical big updo on every star. But lately I think that the whole team—stylist, hairstylist, makeup artist—is treating the beauty look as a more deliberate expression of the star's personality and style."

Here are a few stars who Tortolani says to look to for great beauty inspiration:

Lupita Nyong'o

"It's all about Lupita this season. At every award show her makeup has been so gorgeous and so exciting!" Tortolani said. "Bright bright lips, vivid aqua shadow, metallic smoky eyes. And it's always perfection. Major props to her makeup artist Nick Barose for keeping us on the edge of our seats."

Amy Adams

Tortolani "loves" this best actress nominee and hopes she pays homage to the "American Hustle" era. "I would be thrilled if she really went there with big teased-out disco curls," she said.

Jennifer Lawrence

"I love when Jennifer Lawrence goes for a bold beauty look that gives her Dior confections a tough edge," Tortolani said of the "American Hustle" star. "Like the vampy lips and silvery smoky eyes at the Globes."

Jared Leto

Pay attention to the men too! "I'm probably most excited to see Jared Leto's hair!" Tortolani said. "The bleached-out ends, the subtle surfer waves. It's all so hot!"

Presenters Kate Hudson and Emma Watson

Tortolani expects a few of the A-list presenters to look incredible while staying true to themselves. " I love, for example, when someone like Kate Hudson wears supercasual, rumpled beach hair with a totally glam gown," she said. "And Emma Watson is just so cool. It's fun to watch her because she looks like she really enjoys taking risks."

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