Ben Affleck Gets Revenge on Brother Casey for Globes Snub

Casey didn't not thank his big brother after winning at the Golden Globes.

— -- Casey Affleck took home the best actor Golden Globe on Sunday night for his work on "Manchester by the Sea," but during his acceptance speech, he may have forgotten to thank someone very close to him.

Big brother Ben Affleck, 44, was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night and addressed the perceived snub, noting that Casey Affleck gave shout-outs to Amazon, Matt Damon and others.

"He thanked a s---load of people," Ben Affleck said. "I was a little taken aback."

Kimmel egged on Affleck by calling him his brother's role model and "the man who blazed the way for him in show business."

"It's not the kind of thing I would do. If it's me, I thank people," Affleck said, joking.

Then Kimmel played a clip from Ben Affleck's Oscar-winning night in 1998 — for best original screenplay with Damon for "Good Will Hunting" — when he did thank his little brother, calling him "brilliant."

"We didn't hear anything like that last night," Affleck said.

"This would be the very first time someone would win an Oscar who didn't brush his teeth from ages 10 to 14," he said. "It would be the very first time someone wins an Oscar who pulls his pants all the way down at the urinal."

He went on to reveal that Casey Affleck is scared of butterflies, adding, "This would be the very fist person to win an Academy Award who once asked his brother if 'Back to the Future' is a true story."

Also in the interview, Ben Affleck said he told his son Samuel that "there's a lot of dignity" in presenting an award too.

"They don't just let anyone do that," Affleck said of his duties at the awards show.