'The Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik Describes Her Emmys Dress And Reveals Her Date

The "Big Bang Theory" actress also revealed she'll be bringing a date! But who?

"I famously dress modestly and so yeah, I don't wear strapless or sleeveless [gowns]. I wear everything below the knee and yes, I will likely be one of the only people wearing long sleeves at the Emmys," she told ABC News. "I like long, traditional gowns. I like a lot of coverage. I feel more comfortable when things aren't hanging out."

Bialik, 38, who split from her husband in 2012, said that she'll be attending with a date, though she'd only describe the person as "a friend." She was, however, willing to spill a few details about her gown, saying that Oliver Tolentino will design it especially for her and that it's "a different style, a style I've never worn before that I've always wanted to wear!" It's especially exciting to wear the dress, as red carpet events make Bialik nervous.

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"I'm slightly larger than a Hollywood actress. ... because I'm not a size zero," she said. "I'm a pretty insecure person and like a lot of women, it's hard to be around women who look like models!"

A self-described feminist, speaking openly and honestly comes naturally to Bialik, who, when she's not acting, acts as a spokeswoman for Texas Instruments Education Technology to encourage girls to seek out careers in math and science. Before being cast in her CBS sitcom, the former child star and college professor earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience.

"Women have been historically underrepresented [in the sciences] and we need women's voices and maybe even more sometimes," she said. "[Also], this is a way I can stay active in the stem field since I'm not currently teaching anymore."