Billy Bob Thornton Shares 'Entourage' Movie Secrets

The "Fargo" star confirms he shot a cameo for the film.

April 10, 2014 — -- When you think of "Entourage," you think of Mark Wahlberg or Vincent Chase, but get ready for Billy Bob Thornton.

The Oscar winner spoke to ABC News Wednesday in New York and revealed he has already shot his cameo for the upcoming "Entourage" movie set to be released summer 2015.

"I played a Texas oil billionaire and it was great fun," he told ABC News. "['Entourage' TV series creator] Doug Ellin is a friend and when he asked me to do it, he said, 'Just come down do a couple of scenes.'"

Thornton was surprised when he read the role.

"I thought he meant to play myself," he said. "'Cause a lot of that is what 'Entourage' is. But in this case, he said, 'I wrote this part just for you.'"

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The "Fargo" star, 58, said playing a movie investor was surreal.

"It was funny, cause I have to deal with those guys in the movie business all the time, trying to get them to finance my movies," he added. "And there I was playing one. It was wild!"

As for his new TV series, "Fargo," which premieres next week, Thornton said shooting in a frigid Calgary is better than most people expect.

"A lot of people would say, 'What do you do in Calgary?'" he said. "But it's a cosmopolitan city, it's really a great town. I'm a vegan and there were health food stores everywhere -- bowling alleys, pool halls, regular people. It reminds me a little of a city in Texas, just like being in Dallas or Houston."