BJ Novak Talks 'The Founder,' Gets Surprise From Bob Saget on 'GMA'

"The Founder" opens in theaters nationwide Jan. 20.

January 13, 2017, 10:31 AM

— -- Actor B.J. Novak got a surprise from his old friend Bob Saget this morning while promoting his new film, "The Founder."

Novak tweeted Saget on Thursday, the day before appearing live on ABC News' "Good Morning America."

"I will be on @GMA tomorrow morning talking about @thefounderfilm but only because @bobsaget wouldn't book me on Wake Up San Francisco," he joked.

"B.J., I feel really bad," Saget said today during a Skype on "GMA." "I would've made the Danny Tanner move to the producers of 'Wake Up San Francisco,' to promote 'The Founder' and you. You know I love you, but it's now on the new 'Fuller House,' it's called Wake Up USA. I got promoted. I'm going to get you the gig. You're going to come on to promote your movie because you're great and you know I love you like a small child that became a man."

Saget and Novak worked on a skit together while Novak was a 23-year-old student at Harvard.

Now, Novak is starring opposite Michael Keaton in "The Founder," the story of how American fast food chain McDonald's rose to success.

In the movie, Novak plays Harry J. Sonneborn, the first president of the McDonald's corporation.

"[Y]ou see in the movie that it was really like a mom and pop burger stand of just exceptional, perfectionist quality at this one location and Michael Keaton's character had the vision for it and saw where it could go -- to every corner in America," Novak said today on "GMA."

"But the battle, it's sort of like he's a race car driver who's being a backseat driver. He knows how to take it there, but they don't necessarily want it to go there. So, it's a real great push and pull of American business."

"The Founder" opens in theaters nationwide Jan. 20.

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