Blake Lively Reveals The Best Surprise She Ever Gave Ryan Reynolds

She answered 73 questions: She laughed at "Shawshank," bakes in the "Blakery."

— -- Blake Lively isn't one to talk about her personal life.

However, in a new video for Vogue, she did answer 73 random questions, which gave a glimpse into who she is off-screen.

Here are seven roles the former "Gossip Girl" star, 26, plays when she's not acting:

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1. Doting Wife: When asked about the best surprise she'd planned for someone, she responded, "A collection of short stories written by loved ones for my husband." (Lively has been married to actor Ryan Reynolds since 2012.)

2. Pet Owner: The best thing that's happened to her this year? "I was given an Irish red setter."

3. Baker: The actress, who just launched a lifestyle website, Preserve, said she baked "too often" at home. "My husband has coined it, 'the Blakery,' she said.

4. Hostess: Her weekend plans? Hosting a summer barbecue.

5. Starbucks Novice: Lively drinks hot chocolate in lieu of coffee and asked, "Do people go to Starbucks these days?"

6. Possible Ex-Pat: The only place she'd go if she left the East Coast? Paris.

7. Cinephile: Lively's favorite movie is "The Wizard Of Oz," her favorite cartoon character is Remy from "Ratatouille," and the film that made her laugh the hardest was "The Shawshank Redemption."

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