Brad Pitt Was Surprised He Enjoyed Being Directed by Wife Angelina Jolie

The two worked together before, but this was different, he said.

ByABC News
October 29, 2015, 3:18 AM

— -- Brad Pitt had no problem with his wife, Angelina Jolie Pitt, bossing him around on the set of their upcoming film, "By the Sea."

The actress is not only his co-star, but the film's writer and director.

"She's decisive, incredibly intuitive, knife-sharp and, might I say, sexy at her post," he told V magazine.

"It's surprising how much I enjoy the direction of my wife," he added. "I trust her with my life...If I'm going to work, I want to work with my wife."

"By the Sea" marks the second film in which the star couple co-star. The two previously starred in the 2005 action-comedy "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

But Pitt warns moviegoers that this film is nothing like their last action-comedy.

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith this is not," he clarified. "'By the Sea' deals with that period when the honeymoon is well over and the couple is faced with the banality of every day and the pains of the unplanned. There are no Hallmark cards that define the next chapter, or the value of a history together."

The film, set in 1970s France, centers on a couple, Roland and Vanessa, who travel and write together as their relationship falls apart, until they happen upon a small town on the water. It hits theaters Nov. 13.