Favre Family Dysfunction: Sister Brandi's Arrest Adds to Brett's Troubles

Brandi Favre's arrest on meth charges is latest setback for quarterback.

ByABC News
January 13, 2011, 11:22 AM

Jan. 14, 2011— -- After his sister's arrest on methamphetamine-related charges, Brett Favre may well be thinking, "With family like this, who needs enemies?"

After all, it's not Brandi Favre's first brush with the law, nor is she the only family member to get into trouble. What's more, the timing of his sister's arrest couldn't be worse. Favre, the veteran quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, was recently slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit by two female massage therapists.

"Trouble never seems to be far away," Favre told Playboy in 1997, a year after the NFL put him on probation for addiction to the painkiller Vicodin and his older brother Scott was sent to prison for a probation violation on a DUI charge.

Looks like trouble has returned. Favre's agent James "Bus" Cook did not immediately return requests for comment.

Here's a look at the Favre family's troubles, past and present:

Brandi Favre

Brandi, 34, the youngest of the four Favre children and the only girl, was among five people arrested in a raid Wednesday at a condo in Diamondhead, Miss. She was charged with possession of two or more ingredients to manufacture methamphetamine, and generating hazardous material.

Hancock County Sheriff's Maj. Matt Karl, director of narcotics, told ABCNews.com that Brandi was "at the location" at the time of the raid, in which police found nine grams of methamphetamine and another 10 grams of the drug cooking in the bathtub.

Brandi was released after posting a $40,000 bond Thursday.

"That was our goal today," her lawyer Chad Favre (no relation), told ABCNews.com. "As far as the facts go, we still have an opportunity to sort these things out."

Both counts are felonies. If convicted, Brandi faces fines up to $1 million in fines and 30 years in prison for each count.

A former Miss Teen Mississippi, Brandi first tangled with the law in 1996 when she was arrested and charged with unlawful use of a weapon during a drive-by shooting near a motel in Louisiana. No one was injured in the shooting and Brandi, then 20, completed a diversion program to remove the arrest from her record.

Her brother Brett described the incident the following year to an interviewer for Playboy: "She was giving another girl and the girl's boyfriend a ride home. The boyfriend had had an argument with another guy at a party, and the boyfriend shot at him from the car. Brandi told the truth and she was fine."