Britney Spears vs. Sam Lutfi: 7 Biggest Revelations From the Trial

Sam Lutfi's lawsuit against Britney Spears has unearthed dirt about the star.

ByABC News
October 24, 2012, 11:36 AM

Oct. 25, 2012 — -- intro: Just when it seemed like the old Britney Spears -- the one who shaved her head and brandished an umbrella at the paparazzi -- had been laid to rest, Sam Lutfi's lawsuit brought the whole mess back to life.

Background: Lutfi is suing Spears' parents, Lynne and Jamie Spears, for defamation. In her 2008 book, Spears' mom portrayed Lutfi as a "gatekeeper" who preyed on her daughter's vulnerabilities and cut her off from her family.

Lutfi contends that he actually reunited the Spears women after a long estrangement. In court this week, he showed a photo he took of Lynne and Britney smiling in front of Britney's Malibu home. "I spent months working on a reconciliation, and this is the day of the reunion," he said.

Lutfi also claims he served as Spears' manager during 2007 and 2008. He's seeking millions as his share of her income during that period.

Testimony from Lutfi, attorneys, and others who were close to Spears during those dark years have illuminated the details of her epic breakdown. Click through for the seven biggest revelations from the trial so far:

quicklist: 1title: Justin Timberlake Started It Alltext: Leon Gladstone, who represents Spears' father, Jamie, said in opening statements that Justin Timberlake's breakup with the "Baby One More Time" singer spawned her downward spiral. Gladstone said their 2002 split changed Spears from a "ray of light" to a"depressed" and "angry" person.

quicklist: 2title: Britney's Dad Threatened a Smackdowntext: This text message allegedly sent by Jamie Spears to Lutfi was read in court Wednesday: "If and when I meet you I am going to jail and you are going to the hospital." Lutfi also described Jamie Spears chasing him around a kitchen, punching him and threatening his life.

quicklist: 3title: Spears Earned $800,000 a Month ... text: ... even when she wasn't working. On the stand, Lutfi said Spears enticed him to be her manager by saying, "I'm getting $800,000 a month even when I'm not working. You will get 15 percent of that." Lynne Spears' legal team has backed up that figure, saying that Lutfi wanted to get a 15 percent commission on the $800,000 per month Spears pulled in during 2007-2008, which would work out to around $120,000 a month.

But according to Joel Boxer, who represents Spears' conservatorship, Lutfi never demanded that kind of payment for his services.

quicklist: 4title: Spears Was in Cahoots With the Paparazzitext: ... according to Lutfi. Lutfi said Spears "was in crisis mode, dealing with press photographers, 30, 50, 100 following her every move, speeding, driving next to her." He said she suffered from "a lot of anxiety when they followed her. When she got out of a car they would cluster around her, she couldn't move, she was very anxious." He came up with a solution: Once he started working with Spears, he began texting photographers to tell them where he and Spears were going in an attempt to stop them from following her. "I was also setting up private meetings with Britney and press photographers at her home, so [they] could get to know her as a human being," he said.

quicklist: 5title: Spears May Have Shaved Her Head Over Fear of Drug Teststext: In court, Lutfi's lawyer claimed that Spears' infamous 2008 head shaving happened after someone told her she could be tested for drugs with samples of her hair and would lose custody of her children if she tested positive. He said that prompted her decision to dive into a San Fernando Valley salon and buzz off her locks.

quicklist: 6title: Spears Cried to the Head of Her Record Labeltext: Barry Weiss, the former CEO of Jive Records who signed Spears when she was 16, said he never considered Lutfi to be Spears' manager, partly because he was the man Spears came to during her times of crisis. "There was no manager involved," Weiss said. "She was estranged from her family. I felt I was a lifeline for her. She was texting me constantly from her cell phone."

quicklist: 7title: Lutfi Now Co-Manages Courtney Lovetext: After parting ways with Spears, Lutfi started working as a co-manager for Courtney Love, the rocker who famously appeared stark naked for a New York Times interview and asked the reporter to dress her. Love's publicist is also the same person who represents Lindsay Lohan. How's that for a coincidence?

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