Brooke Shields: 'I Definitely Feel Sexier' at 49

The model and actress opens up about "letting go of the past."

ByABC News
October 3, 2014, 11:53 AM

— -- Brooke Shields turns 50 this upcoming May, but is still just as stunning now as she was 20 or even 30 years ago.

The actress opened up to People magazine about aging as a former model and sex symbol. She appeared on magazine covers at just 14 years old.

“The toughest thing is giving up wanting to look like you did at 26,” Shields, 49, told the magazine while promoting her new MAC makeup line. “Because when I was in my 20s, the 50s and late 40s sounded ancient! Now I’m rapidly approaching that and I don’t feel ancient. I think that the toughest part is letting go of the past. ... It’s more important that I feel good than it is to have people think I look good.”

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In fact, Shields, who most recently appeared in shows like "The Middle," said she is "more confident" than ever.

"I definitely feel sexier," she said. "I’ve stopped comparing myself to other people."

One thing that has changed is she's more comfortable wearing makeup these days, sometimes at the request of her daughters -- Rowan, 11, and Grier, 8.

“When I was younger, it was such a job for me, so I would just wash [makeup] off the minute I was done with the job,” she said. “Now my daughter insists that I put makeup on when I take her to school. ‘Mom, please, at least put a little mascara on. And some lip gloss. And some blush.’"