See Bruce Jenner Get Highlights, Annoyed With Kris Jenner

Upon seeing his estranged wife, he yelled "No, no, no."

June 13, 2014— -- In a new clip from Sunday's "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Bruce Jenner is taking things to a whole new level - he's getting highlights, foil and all!

Tracey Cunningham, a hair colorist, stops by and says, "I think if we light this up, Kris will be happy."

"We are not worried about Kris, we are worried about me," Bruce Jenner responds.

Then, Kris drops in and Bruce says "No, no, no, you are not allowed here ... you weren't supposed to be here."

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Jenner then comments that he didn't get too much cut off, keeping his long hair that he likes and "then Kris walks in, oh man, she is very opinionated. I had a good, little thing going on over here, don't mess it up."

Then we see Bruce with the foil strips in his hair and it's glorious!

"He looks like a baked potato," Kris comments, looking on a little taken aback by him getting highlights.

Then she gets into critiquing his hair.

"I just think it should be more layered there on the sides," she says. "The color is amazing, the cut is a little crazy."

She continues, "Just because Bruce and I are separated, doesn't mean I don't want him to look and feel his best."

The pair announced their separation in October after more than 20 years of marriage.

Bruce says he is going to sleep on it and then "go from there."

Check it out!