Cam Newton Talks New Nickelodeon Show, Post-Super Bowl 50 Walkout

Newton appeared on "GMA" today to discuss his show, "All In With Cam Newton."

June 8, 2016, 10:17 AM

— -- Cam Newton has "dabbed" all the way to his very own television show on Nickelodeon.

The series, "All In With Cam Newton," has the star quarterback helping kids fulfill their dreams the way people helped him fulfill his.

"For as many kids as we came across, 34 kids in total and we'll have 20 episodes, it just showed that everybody's a superhero in their own right," Newton said.

Newton's cause, the Cam Newton Foundation, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of young people and served as inspiration for the show.

The foundation will host the second-annual “Kick it With Cam” celebrity kickball tournament to raise money for kids Friday at the American Legion Memorial Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"That's one of the main things we try to tackle, some of the socioeconomic needs for kids through fitness, through educations and try to create programs that does that," he said.

Newton, 27, was named NFL MVP in February, achieving more rushing touchdowns than any quarterback in the sport's history.

But his actions after the Carolina Panthers' Super Bowl loss also made headlines, when he walked out on a post-game news conference. Newton discussed the incident this morning on "GMA."

"We fell short in the end, but it's OK, we're reloaded," Newton said of his team. "Everything is pretty much a learning experience, especially in the face of defeat. I had time to think back, I had time to talk to so many different people including my teammates, family and friends."

"All In With Cam Newton" premiered June 3 on Nickelodeon.