'Captain America: Civil War': 5 Takeaways From Epic 1st Trailer

"If we can't accept limitations, we're no better than the bad guys" - Iron Man.

[Spoilers Ahead If You Haven't Seen All the Films]

Here are the top 5 moments:

1 - We Get a First Look at the Black Panther

It's not clear which side the Black Panther is on, as you see him kicking Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Cap's lifelong friend-turned brainwashed assassin in one scene. We'll find out which side this new superhero belongs to and what he believes in.

2 - General Ross Is Leading the Charge Against Cap

"While a great many people see you as a hero, there are some, who prefer the word vigilante," he tells Cap. "You've operated with unlimited power and no supervision. That is something the world can no longer tolerate."

3 - Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers Together Again!

The clip begins with more of the scene we saw after the credits of "Ant-Man," where Cap and Anthony Mackie's Falcon have finally located Barnes.

But things are different and Barnes remembers Cap.

"You mom's name is Sarah," Barnes tells Cap.

"You're a wanted man," Cap tells Barnes. "They're not planning on taking you alive."

At the end of the clip, we get an amazing battle scene with Barnes and Cap together taking on Iron Man. Barnes even uses Cap's shield in the battle, as the two work in unison. It's epic to say the least.

4 - The Avengers Are Completely Divided

"I know how much Bucky [Barnes] means to you," Widow tells Cap. "Stay out of this one."

"If we can't accept limitations, we're no better than the bad guys," Iron Man tells Cap about heroes needing boundaries to protect the innocent.

"That's not the way I see it," Cap fires back.

5 - Does War Machine Die?

At the end of clip, in the middle of all the mess, we see Iron Man holding War Machine, his suit all cut to shreds.

"Sorry Tony, you know I wouldn't do this if I had any other choice, but he's my friend" Cap tells him, to which Iron Man responds, "So was I."

Could this be the end of James Rhodes, aka War Machine?

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