Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Son Isaiah's Latest Milestone

The singer says her "sweet" 7-month-old is "smiley and happy" most of the time.

The little one is teething, so he's not sleeping as well as he used to.

"He kind of wakes up kind of whiney and just needs to be comforted," she said. "[But] he's such a great baby. ... Smiley and happy and just sweet. I'm sure all babies are sweet, but he's, like, really sweet."

Those good baby vibes are rubbing off on Underwood, too. The country singer, who gave birth to Isaiah in February, said motherhood has made her a better person.

"I feel overall like I'm kind of a happier person, and that's kind of weird," Underwood, 32, said. "I don't know why, but I just feel like I'm just kind of in a better mood most of the time, unless I'm really sleepy."

Underwood's own mother, Carole, has noticed a change in her daughter since Isaiah came along, too. Because Underwood's two older sisters were grown up and out of the house for most of her childhood, she pretty much grew up an only child. Coming from that environment and being a country superstar means Underwood is used to getting her way most of the time.

"I think my mom kind of expected me to be overwhelmed by motherhood because of that," she explained with a laugh. "She tells me all the time that she's surprised and happy and that I was different than she thought I'd be. So that's good.

"I'm sure she had a little faith in me, but it's different when all of a sudden your focus is entirely shifted to this little thing," she added.