See the Cast of 'D2: The Mighty Ducks' Reunite After 20 Years

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WATCH 'Mighty Ducks' Stars Reunite, Form Perfect Flying 'V'

It's not often that a sequel surpasses or even competes with the quality and star power of the original movie, but "D2: The Mighty Ducks," the 1994 sequel to the hit from two years earlier came quite close.

Remember how Emilio Estevez had to go out and recruit for his Team USA, only to bring back the likes of Charlie Conway and Adam Banks and add their talent to the newbies he recruited from the streets like Greg Goldberg and Fulton Reed. They then faced off against the world power Iceland in a "David V Goliath" type batte. It wasn't "The Godfather 2," but it came pretty close.

Well, you'll be happy to know that Marguerite Moreau, who played Connie Moreau, documented the cast's reunion for its 20th anniversary and posted photos over the weekend of all the craziness. Here's to hoping they all started cheering, "quack ... quack ... quack ..."

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She posted four glorious photos.

First, she wrote alongside a picture of her and Garette Ratliff Henson, who played Guy, "Just saying.... #nofilter #connieandguy #mightyducks #20yearreunion."

Next, she posted a picture of Goldberg, who looks incredibly skinny now!

"Boys grow up to be men #Goldberg #mightyducks #20yearreunion," she wrote.

Group photo! You have here -- Mike Vitar, who played Luis Mendoza, Henson, who played Guy, Moreau herself, Vincent LaRusso aka Adam Banks, Aaron Lohr, who played Dean Portman, and Scott Whyte, who played Iceland captain Gunnar Stahl.

"Mike Vitar, @garretth Vincent LaRusso Aaron Lohr and Scott Whyte #mD2 #mightyducks #20yearreunion."

The "Flying V!!!"

"Flying V!!!! Scott Whyte, Aaron Schwartz, Colombe Jacobsen, mike Vitar, Stephen Herek, rob Lieberman, Vincent LaRusso, @garretth Elden Henden, Carsten Norwgard, Jordan Kerner, Brandon Adams, Danny Tamborelli, Asron Lohr, Maria Ellingsen, Matt Dohery, Shawn Weiss #mightyducks #mD2 #20yearreunion #ducksflytogether," she wrote.

Sadly, Joshua Jackson, Kenan Thompson and Estevez were not in attendance. "D2: The Mighty Ducks" was produced by Walt Disney Pictures, which is owned by The Walt Disney Co., which also owns ABC News and this website.

Here's more great pics!

The cast back in the day!