The Cast of 'Roseanne' Reunites, Shares Memories on 'The Talk'

The former cast mates reflect on their favorite moments on the show.

— -- "Roseanne" ended its decade-long run in 1997 and since then, the Conner family really has changed.

Roseanne Barr is blond and looks better than ever at 62. Sara Gilbert, who played Darlene, is happily married again and Michael Fishman, aka D.J., and Alicia Goranson, who played Becky, are all grown up.

The cast reunited on Tuesday on Gilbert's show "The Talk" for Barr's birthday.

Fishman and Goranson came out to huge applause and the legendary comedian gave both of her former co-stars big hugs.

"It's so great to see you guys!" Barr said.

Her former on-screen kids dished about their favorite memories of the show.

"My favorite story ... I was 16, I asked the producers if I could get my hair cut. They said, 'No,'" Goranson said. "I met with them again and said 'Please!' ... They said, 'Sorry, no.' I'm in hair and makeup and I'm feeling forlorn and 16 and brooding about my life and Roseanne said, 'What's the matter?'"

She told Barr about the story.

"[Barr] said 'Oh!' and she grabs the scissors and she grabs my hair and she chops it," she continued. "I turn around and I see Roseanne with scissors and my hair. Roseanne goes, 'There, now you have to get it cut."

She saw the producers later that day and they asked what happened.

"[I said] 'Talk to Roseanne about it," she said, shrugging her shoulders.