5 Celebrities Who are Not on Twitter and Why

George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence and others say they stay away from Twitter.

November 12, 2013, 2:50 PM
PHOTO: George Clooney
George Clooney attends the "Gravity" premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater, Oct. 1, 2013, in New York.
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Nov. 13, 2013— -- intro: There are over 200 million active users on Twitter, and among the accounts with the most followers include those belonging to celebrities Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

Twitter gives users the ability to follow celebrities like these, the ones who have made the choice to live their lives even more publically by sending out their thoughts, jokes, and sometimes intimate details multiple times a day. In return for this they get a loyal following and a way to communicate with fans. But they also leave themselves open to criticism and speculation every time they send out another 140 character-long message.

Here are five celebrities who say they have never used Twitter and why.

quicklist: 1category: title: George Clooney – It Could Ruin Your Careerurl: media:20849469text: In an interview with "Esquire" released this month, George Clooney addressed his thoughts on why using Twitter is a particularly bad idea for celebrities.

"If you're famous, I don't -- for the life of me -- I don't understand why any famous person would ever be on Twitter. Why on God's green earth would you be on Twitter?" the 52-year-old actor said.

"First of all, the worst thing you can do is make yourself more available, right? Because you're going to be available to everybody. But also Twitter. So one drunken night, you come home and you've had two too many drinks and you're watching TV and somebody pisses you off, and you go 'Ehhhhh' and fight back."

Clooney explained how one incident like that could change everything for a celebrity.

"You go to sleep, and you wake up in the morning and your career is over. Or you're an a--hole. Or all the things you might think in the quiet of your drunken evening are suddenly blasted around the entire world before you wake up."

Clooney used Ashton Kutcher as an example. In 2009, Kutcher became the first Twitter user to exceed 1 million followers but then he handed over control of his Twitter account to his management team in 2011, after receiving backlash on Twitter following a comment he made in support of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. At the time, Kutcher claimed he made the comment before knowing the reasons behind Paterno's dismissal.

"I mean, when you see, like, Ashton Kutcher coming out going, you know, 'Everybody leave Joe Paterno alone,' or whatever he said, you just go, 'Fifteen minutes longer and a thought process and probably you wouldn't have done that,'" Clooney said.

quicklist: 2category:title: Jennifer Lawrence – It Would be a Form of Legal Punishmenturl: media:19924991text: When Jennifer Lawrence was a guest on the "Late Show with David Letterman" in January 2013, following her Golden Globe win for "Silver Linings Playbook," she and host David Letterman discussed the controversy that her "I beat Meryl!" comment, said during her acceptance speech, sparked on Twitter.

Lawrence, 23, defended her comment to Letterman, explaining it was a quote said by Bette Midler in the movie, "First Wives Club," while examining a Golden Globe Goldie Hawn's character had won.

Following her explanation, Lawrence said, "God I wonder what Twitter is going to say now? I'm not even on Twitter and I'm so worried about it."

Letterman said he has an account, but said, "I have nothing to say, I don't get it," to which Lawrence responded, "That would be a punishment for me. A judge would be like, six months of probation and you have to write down what you think about random things that nobody cares about."

However, Lawrence does have an active Instagram account. The "Hunger Games" actress recently revealed through Instagram that she chopped off her hair.

quicklist: 3category: title: Tina Fey -- You Should Need a License To Use Iturl: media:19031781text: What began as Tina Fey answering a simple question on one of the actress's final "Ask Tina" web segments became a two-minute-long rant on why Fey doesn't use Twitter.

During one of the segments, which were used to promote the finale of her sitcom, "30 Rock," in early 2013, Fey, 43, answered the reader question, "What do you think about Twitter? Have you used it? Are you secretly using it under a different screen name?"

"Oh Rick, I'm so glad you asked," Fey said. "I have never used it. I do look at other people's Twitter things sometimes."

"Here's what I think about Twitter. I think you should have to get a license to use Twitter. Because most people are so f***ing boring that they should shut up. And you should have to get a license. And I'm volunteering to be in charge of the licenses. That's it. I figured out what I want to do when ["30 Rock"] is over. I want to be the person who decides whether you can have a Twitter license," Fey continued.

"Why do you be like 'Hey girl, I loved your outfit yesterday!" Just contact that person! You're wasting the internets or something. It's gonna hurt the ozone. I don't know. It's so boring."

Though Fey "promised" she is not using Twitter under another name, she joked that she runs the account @MarthaStewartLivingTurkeyTips.

quicklist: 4category: title: Mila Kunis – It Is 'Frightening'url: media:18656371text: Actress Mila Kunis has spent her fair share of time on the Internet, confessing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in 2008 that she had to quit the online game, World of Warcraft, for a year.

But Kunis has always been careful to not attract a noticeable online presence. She does not have a Facebook or Twitter account.

In an interview on the "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" in January 2011, Mila Kunis told Ferguson that she doesn't just dislike Twitter, but that she's wary.

"It frightens me. It does," the 30-year-old actress said.

"I just don't think people need to know when I'm going to the restroom. What am I gonna tweet? Like, 'Hey now I'm moving from room to room.' I don't really know what I would tweet people."

Kunis spoke about Twitter again in a July 2011 interview with USA Today where she said that the only problem with not having an account was, "that there are fake accounts, pretending to quote me."

"I can understand politicians or people running charities or doing something productive using it. But no one should follow me. Why, so that I can tell you that I got my hair done?" Kunis said.

quicklist: 5category: title: Jon Stewart – It Should Not Be Used as a 'Newsroom Delivery Feedback System'url: media:19351202text: Though "The Daily Show" has a Twitter account, host Jon Stewart does not have a personal one. Despite having been attacked on Twitter by everyone from Donald Trump to Piers Morgan, Stewart says he does not use the site.

Stewart has expressed his annoyance with Twitter, calling it a "great' newsroom delivery feedback system" on "The Daily Show" in July 2011, when he criticized CNN for regularly quoting the user @ladybigmac, a retired bookkeeper whose profile said she spends her spare time watching golf and NASCAR races, on a variety of topics.

"I wanna get my news from news people. Not random people with an AOL account," Stewart said.

Stewart expressed this opinion in October 2010, when being interviewed about his "Rally to Restore Sanity" on "Larry King Live." Stewart became annoyed when King started to read questions posed through the Larry King Twitter account, @kingsthings.

"This is a problem. News people shouldn't be going, 'we've got some Tweets.' It's like you walked out in the middle of this and said, I was in the bathroom and a guy mentioned to me," Stewart said.

To which King said, "These are human beings and they're Tweeting us. Do you have no respect for them?" Stewart said, "No" and that "they could be anybody."

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