Celine Dion Says Husband's Wishes Keep Her Forging Ahead

"He wanted me to really be the artist I always wanted to be," she said.

ByABC News
July 7, 2016, 10:14 AM

— -- Celine Dion says she stepped out at Paris fashion shows recently because her late husband Rene Angelil would've wanted her to.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Dion explained, "It could have been way easy for me to say, 'You know what, I'm not in the mood of dressing up and having the purse and seeing the fans and having a good time and singing, giving a part of your soul.' But knowing that [Rene] loved the industry so much...he wanted me to really be the artist I always wanted to be."

She added that her fans are behind her performing -- she's currently on tour in Paris -- and making public appearances so soon after Rene's death in January.

"They've been such supporters in my good days and my bad days. They are so considerate for my happiness and my sadness, my good and bad moments, and they are [always] supporting me...not only my music, but who I am," she said.

Dion said being an open book for so long is "paying off today, because they know me well."

As for her high-fashion makeover, courtesy of stylist Law Roach, Celine told ET, "Do we know any girls in the world who don't really like to be jeweled or dressed up? I never met one."

Dion will kick off no less than 17 shows in her home province of Quebec, Canada, including a string of shows in Montreal later in the year, and then in September she'll resume her residency in Las Vegas.