Charlie Sheen Discusses His New Film, 'Mad Families,' and Life as a Grandfather

"What a gift," the actor said of being a grandfather.

"The film is hysterical," Sheen told Strahan of his upcoming release "Mad Families," a comedy about three families from different backgrounds who are forced to spend a vacation together. "It's very diverse," Sheen added, "it covers a lot of demographics."

"There's a scene where we all pass around a megaphone," Sheen said, "and tell the most racially inappropriate jokes in the history of the known universe.

"We're all laughing. No one's offended. No one in the movie is offended. So, I do believe that anyone watching it won't be either," the actor said.

Sheen said despite his hiatus he wouldn't label the upcoming film his "comeback."

"I don't want to label it as such, 'cause, then, if it doesn't work, then I'm wrong. Don't like being wrong," Sheen joked. "For some reason, they just keep inviting me back to the next, the next act."

Becoming a Grandfather 'Blew My Mind'

Sheen told Strahan that he has five children, "and a granddaughter."

"It kinda blew my mind," Sheen said of becoming a grandfather, "but what a gift."

"And the rest of my children," Sheen said, "they celebrate all, all aspects of me."

"It's really refreshing," Sheen said. "You've had a terrible day ... And you come home, and your kids are like, 'Oh, my gosh. Look who's, look who's here.'"

Sheen added that he is just "Dad" to his children, admitting, "they've never even seen my work."

"They don't know me as a performer," Sheen said, adding that their mother "has to sequester them a little bit from some of the work I've done, you know, until they're old enough."

"I mean, it's nice to adorn your walls with art," Sheen said, "But it's also nice to set every alcove and tabletop with the faces that make you the happiest. You know?"

Sheen said his hope is that in ten years all his kids are "happy and healthy and in some college, or employed, or doing something cool."

Sheen's upcoming film "Mad Families" will be released on Jan. 12, 2017.