Charlie Sheen Descends on Detroit Tonight

Charlie Sheen's "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour descents on Detroit tonight.

April 2, 2011 — -- Charlie Sheen's "Violent Torpedo of Truth" blasts onto stage today. What comes with it remains unclear.

The former "Two and a Half Men" star and current online sensation is taking his rants and raves on the road, kicking off his month-long "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option" tour with a live show at Detroit's Fox Theater tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

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Friday, on the Detroit-based radio show "Mojo in the Morning," Sheen talked about his debut show but offered little insight into what he has planned, saying, "I like to think of it as delivering gold to your fine town."

Sheen confirmed that his "goddesses" and rapper Snoop Dogg will be with him at the theater. When asked if he'll also rap, he said, "Depends what type of mood I'm in."

"Mojo in the Morning" held a contest to choose who would sing the national anthem for Sheen's first show. Sheen selected former adult film star Kelley Jean and college student Lisa Jacques to do a duet. He said Jean's past line of work and Jacques' attractiveness (both had to submit videos of themselves performing "The Star Spangled Banner" for consideration) had nothing to do with his choice.

"I mean, it was all about their voices," he said. "They exemplified absolute perfection."

Jean invited Sheen to party with her on a bus before the show, saying, "We have a stripper pole, there's a bathroom and a bar. Free service for you, Charlie!"

Sheen's reply: "I have three words for you. Fuel that bastard!"

While Sheen sounds pumped for his tour, some of his fans are not. Initial reports said Sheen's Detroit show sold out on Ticketmaster in less than 20 minutes, but as of Friday afternoon, Ticketmaster was still showing seats available. There are plenty more to be had for his New York, Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco, Denver and Dallas stops, among others.

Thousands of tickets people bought are being resold on sites like for a fraction of their original cost. As of Friday afternoon, tickets for the main floor of the Detroit show, originally $52, were going for as little as $14 each on StubHub.

Charlie Sheen's 'Violent Torpedo of Truth' Tour

Those participating in Sheen's tour don't appear to be worried. Earlier this week, Rob Patterson, guitarist for the band Filter, told that he's been working on a soundtrack for the show that will enhance the "unadulterated, uncut, raw Charlie" fans will see. He added that Sheen's "not on drugs" and predicted the show will be "shocking, stimulating [and] hilarious."

On Tuesday, Joey Scoleri, co-producer of "My Violent Torpedo of Truth," told that the planning process "has been going great." He also spoke last week with People magazine about the show.

"It will be spoken word, it'll be funny and there will be interaction with the audience," Scoleri said. "He's one of the most creative people I've ever met in my life. If you want Charlie Sheen, you'll get vintage Sheen with this show. The guy's a media juggernaut. He's there to entertain."

And make money. Sheen reportedly banked nearly $2 million per episode with "Two and a Half Men." Between ticket proceeds, after party endorsements and merchandising, his tour could net him as much as $7 million.

Of course, that's only if enough people come to see it.

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