Chelsea Handler Changes Her Mind About Marriage

Talk host says she'd get married after researching the topic for new doc series.

January 6, 2016, 4:23 PM

— -- Chelsea Handler is changing her tune about marriage.

The former talk host, 40, explored the topic of marriage, for her new four-episode Netflix documentary series, "Chelsea Does."

"I never understood why people would want to get married. To me, marriage always encompassed a huge wedding and a huge reception and a commitment lumped together. But I realize now that you can be committed to someone without that commercialization and all that nonsense," Handler told People in a new interview. "So now I'd get married."

Not that she has any prospects.

"Now that I'm single and have no viable options," Handler said with a laugh.

While open to the possibility of settling down, Handler doesn't see becoming a mom in her future.

"I'd have to over-correct so much from my parents that I would be a nightmare mother," she quipped.

"If my niece has a bad day at school, I worry about it for three days," she explained. "I'd be such a helicopter parent. I'd drive my child crazy!"

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