Christopher Reeve's Son Talks About Normal Childhood With Superman

Reeve reflects on having Superman for his dad.

— -- Though he was a movie star and icon, Christopher Reeve, who famously played Superman, worked hard to give his kids a "totally normal" life.

Will Reeve, 24, opens up to "People's List" for Saturday night's episode about how he viewed his father and mother.

"I didn't think of them as what other people thought of them as," Will tells "People's List."

He continued about his father and mother, Dana Reeve, "They were just my parents. They were the people who told me to turn off the TV, eat my broccoli, go to bed."

Reeve adds that while he would go to the grocery store and see his father on the cover of magazines, "it was a totally normal childhood for me."

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Will's comments reflect what his brother Matthew told ABC News in 2014. Their father passed in 2004, a decade after being paralyzed during a horse-riding accident.

"I absolutely understand how everyone sees him as Superman," Matthew told ABC News a couple years back. "To me he was dad and he was just awesome. He could fly an airplane, he could sail a boat, he was an accomplished piano player. Just the other day, I found some of his stuff and it had this sheet music in it ... To me, it looked like someone had just taken ink and thrown it at the page, but he minored in music theory."

No one has truly been able to fill Reeve's shoes when it comes to playing the Man of Steel. Matthew said this is still a "source of pride" for the family.

"Superman was the original superhero and dad did such a fantastic job in his performance that for a lot of people, he just personified the role so strongly that it almost be impossible to disassociate," he said.