Comedian Garry Shandling Honored With a Basketball Game

PHOTO: Garry Shandling arrives at the 3rd Annual Brady Gala honoring Adam McKay at Beverly Hills Hotel, April 29, 2014, in Beverly Hills, Calif.PlayJoshua Blanchard/FilmMagic/Getty Images
WATCH Comedian Garry Shandling Dies at 66

Garry Shandling had a tradition of hosting basketball games, according to comedian Suli McCullough.

So, his friends got together Sunday to remember the late comedian with a game in his honor.

Shandling died last week at the age of 66.

"One last game of basketball at Garry's house to say goodbye," Apatow wrote on Instagram of the get-together.

McCullough, Apatow, Kevin Nealon, Kathy Griffin and Ryan Phillippe were among the celebrities at the game.

"For the past 12+ years, I'd spend my Sunday's [sic] playing basketball at Garry Shandling's," McCullough wrote on his own Instagram page. "It was one of those private amazing activities that I'd always look forward to."

One last game of basketball at Garry's house to say goodbye.

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