Common on how making music video helped mend relationship with daughter: 'It was beautiful'

Common called the "Show Me That Your Love Me" video an "incredible experience."

Rapper Common explained how making the music video for his song "Show Me That You Love Me" was therapeutic for his strained relationship with his daughter Omoye Lynn during a guest appearance on "The View" on Friday.

The musician, philanthropist and father was on "The View" to perform a song for co-host Sunny Hostin's birthday. But before that, he spoke about how making the music video helped to mend his relationship with 20-year-old Lynn.

In his memoir "Let Love Have the Last Word" released earlier this year, Common, 47, wrote about how Lynn once told him in a late-night conversation that she felt like he didn't try hard enough to be a part of her life growing up. The multitalented star has had a busy career spanning from performing on the stage to portraying characters on the big screen. In May, he told "Good Morning America" co-host Robin Roberts that it was "tough" hearing her say that because he believed he "was doing a good job."

Although Common said that he had seen a therapist in the past with Lynn, he told "The View" on Friday that while making the music video, "there was a lot of healing that took place within our conversations."

"This video actually had a dance that we were doing," Common said on Friday. "It was artistic, but it was actually like movement that was based on our relationship. So it was like an experience we never would have had the opportunity to do."

"Sometimes art brings out even more healing, you know, and that's what it did. The video was an incredible experience — [Omoye] even said it, too," he continued. "We were like, 'Wow, we never would have been able to do this in any other aspect of life.' But, It was beautiful."

Common said in May that it "shook" him when Lynn first told him how she felt. At first, he said, "I was defensive. I was getting angry at some of the things she was saying."

That conversation, Common said, is what sparked the idea for his memoir, as it was a way for him to show Lynn how much he loved and cared for her.

After talking about his relationship with Lynn on Friday, Common performed the song "My Fancy Free Future Love" from his "Let Love" album for Hostin.

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