'Con Man' Alan Tudyk Is Living the 'Star Wars' Dream

The man behind K-2SO talks new "Star Wars" film, digital series and more!

Season 2 of Alan Tudyk's "Con Man" is out today and unlike his lovable character Wray Nerely, Tudyk is living the dream.

In the digital series, out now at Comic-Con HQ, Tudyk's character Nerely tries to navigate the Hollywood landscape, with a past rooted in sci-fi success, though he wants to break into bigger, more diverse roles.

Unlike his lovable, struggling character, Tudyk has a lot to be thankful for in real life. He stars in next week's "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and recently was featured in Disney's "Moana."

Tudyk has been adored by convention fans for starring in cult hits like "Firefly," "Dodgeball" and "Ice Age."

But now, Tudyk is proud he'll be known as the new "Star Wars" droid K-2SO.

"It's still sinking in," he said. "After [the cast saw the movie], everyone just sat there in silence for a little while, which says a lot. I can speak for myself, I don't sit in silence often."

He continued, "After the movie ... I was a little stunned. I was like, 'I'm gonna be K-2SO from now on. I'm K-2SO.' It's a good thing to be."

For those who have seen the various teaser clips out now for "Rogue One," K-2SO comes across as the comic relief, much like his "Star Wars" predecessor C-3PO.

"He's pretty much a smart a-- and passive aggressive in moments," he said. "I'm a smart a--, so my own tenancies lend itself to the character. It was a fun fit. We fit together in a way, I felt comfortable going off book. I know I'm comfortable, because I watch the movie and I'm like, 'Oh, can't believe they put that in there.'"

Tudyk said the cast's chemistry stems from Felicity Jones, who plays Jyn, and director Gareth Edwards, whom he calls "an actor's director."

"I didn't know what it would be like coming into a movie that's such a big franchise. I assumed it would be a very strict atmosphere, that the script would be Bible," he said. "The experience of this, because it's a standalone, I'm guessing is why it's so relaxed. There are a lot of line and moments in the movie ... that were born out of playing around on set, not necessarily written in the script."

With special effects becoming more and more sophisticated every day, Tudyk said K-2SO was shot the old-fashioned way, sort of.

"They put me in a silly looking suit. I stood on stilts that were over a foot high, and I acted in the movie without any restrictions," he explained. "They came along after and animated my performance. For me, the experience was creating a character like any movie, just taller."

"Prior to seeing the movie, I found myself saying, 'I hope you enjoy it, I think it's going to be good. Now, can I say, 'You're gonna love it!' It woke up the little kid in me that's been dead really. Yesterday it was resurrected, I really felt giddy," he added.

While Tudyk has been making his mark in every movie and series he's involved in, even his "Con Man" character Nerely was welcomed by the "Rogue One" crew.

Tudyk said he was able to show the cast and crew some of his season 2 content while they were filming the "Star Wars" film, and they wanted to include the imaginary Nerely.

"[He] had a role in 'Rogue One.' They were really supportive of it," he said, seriously.

He added, "I had a small role as an Imperial pilot and he got cut."

For more "Con Man," more Tudyk and especially more of the lovable Nerely, head on over to Comic-Con HQ to watch the episodes now.